Cyber Mission

Client: Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces)

Challenge: Improvement of soldiers’ competency in the complex field of military law through gamification.

Our solution: Few subjects are as dull as German military law and the Administrative Order on the Position of the Military Superior. Thanks to a collaborative effort between Gamify now and the Cyber Innovation Hub of the German armed forces, young recruits today can study with a game designed primarily for their target group. The game is based on real-life case studies that are also used by various schools. “Cyber Mission” playfully confronts users with situations where they must correctly apply military law, providing a modern addition to the traditional classes. It is currently being used at several Bundeswehr schools, and can be downloaded from App Stores.

Gamification model:
Game-based learning

iOS, Android

“Gamify now has created a fun and meaningful learning experience for our soldiers. Their game successfully conveys complex theoretical points of law in the context of an entertaining and comprehensible exercise. Our troops love the result as much as we do.”